Essentials Blue Filigree Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: 181042324441
Part of the Essentials Collection by Cynthia Coulter for Wilmington Prints
100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide
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In a realm where dreams take flight on gossamer wings and moonlight weaves its silver strands, behold the enchanting Essentials Blue Filigree Yardage, a creation of the visionary artist Cynthia Coulter from Wilmington Prints. Like a fragment of the sky itself, this 100% cotton fabric holds the secrets of an ancient fairy tale.

Its celestial blue hue radiates with an ethereal glow as if capturing the very essence of moonlit midnight. Delicate filigree patterns, as intricate as a woodland sprite’s dance, entwine across the fabric, whispering ancient tales of enchantment and wonder.

With each gentle caress, the fabric reveals its magical narrative, inviting dreamers to embark on an extraordinary journey. It is a portal to a world where castles touch the clouds, where mythical creatures roam in hidden groves, and where dreams are stitched into the very fabric of reality.

Within the realm where imagination reigns supreme, Essentials Blue Filigree Yardage designed by Cynthia Coulter weaves a spell of wonder, inspiring all who dare to believe in the extraordinary to craft their own whimsical fairy tales.

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