Colour Wall Geo Pink Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: C11590-PINK

From the Colour Wall Collection by Sue Daley for Riley Blake

100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide

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In a kingdom where dreams danced on moonlit petals, there existed a fabric that exuded the very essence of enchantment. It was called “Colour Wall Geo Pink,” a mesmerizing creation designed by the weaver of wonders, Sue Daley, for Riley Blake Designs. This 100% cotton fabric, like a spell woven from starlight, boasted a geometric print that shimmered with the brilliance of a thousand blossoms.

Against a backdrop as soft as a blushing sunset, a fantastical triangular grid unfolded, forming a tapestry of magical proportions. Each triangle glowed in a vibrant pink, reminiscent of the roses adorning the Queen’s secret garden. Like the steps of a forgotten dance, the geometric shapes intertwined, creating a symphony of elegance and whimsy.

Within the fabric’s embrace, one could catch glimpses of fluttering fairy wings and hear the distant whispers of woodland creatures. It was as if the fabric held the power to unlock hidden realms, where imagination reigned supreme and dreams took flight. Each stitch held the promise of a fantastical journey, inviting artisans and dreamers to create their own tapestries of wonder.

When touched, the fabric offered a softness akin to the gentle caress of a summer breeze, as if the threads were spun from the laughter of sprites. It beckoned souls to craft garments and crafts that exuded the magic of their hearts, infusing the world with the very essence of enchantment.

Embracing the Colour Wall Geo Pink was like stepping into a fairy tale, where colors swirled and geometry danced, where creativity knew no bounds. It was a fabric that celebrated the beauty of the extraordinary, a tapestry designed by the weaver of dreams herself, to inspire, ignite, and carry the souls of all who dared to dream to the realms of pure magic.

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