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Colour Wall Geo Lime Fabric Yardage

$7.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: C11590-LIME

From the Colour Wall Collection by Sue Daley for Riley Blake

100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide

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In a land where imagination bloomed like wildflowers, there existed a fabric that radiated with the brilliance of a sunbeam. It was known as “Colour Wall Geo Lime,” a tapestry of enchantment designed by the sorceress of design, Sue Daley, for Riley Blake Designs. This 100% cotton fabric, like a prism of dreams, boasted a geometric print that danced with a vibrant lime green hue.

Against a canvas as fresh as an emerald meadow, a mesmerizing triangular grid unfolded, forming a magical mosaic that seemed to shimmer with its own inner light. Each triangle held the essence of a secret, a key to unlocking worlds yet unseen. It was as if the fabric itself held the power to transport souls to realms where wonders thrived and impossibilities turned into possibilities.

Within the pattern’s embrace, one could glimpse the flutter of fairy wings and hear the whispers of mythical creatures. It was a language of shape and color that spoke directly to the heart, igniting the fires of creativity and urging artists and dreamers to weave their own tales of enchantment.

When held close, the fabric offered a softness akin to a tender caress, as if the threads were spun from the breath of the forest itself. It beckoned those who dared to dream to fashion garments and crafts that shimmered with the essence of magic, carrying the light of imagination into the world.

Embracing the Colour Wall Geo Lime was like stepping into a realm where imagination took flight, where the language of shapes and hues merged to create a symphony of wonder. It was a fabric that celebrated the boundless possibilities of creation, a tapestry designed by the sorceress of design herself, to inspire, ignite, and carry the souls of all who dared to dream to the realms of pure enchantment.

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