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Item/ Color #: 53304-21

Part of the Color Club Collection by Heather Valentine for Windham Fabrics.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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Once upon a time in a whimsical kingdom of creativity, there bloomed a 100% cotton fabric of enchantment known as Color Club Birdies Peach. Designed by the mystical weaver, Heather Valentine, from The Sewing Loft of Windham Fabrics, this wondrous textile held the essence of a fairy tale within its fibers. The soft, peach-hued canvas was sprinkled with a magical dance of tossed birdies, each one adorned with delicate wings that whispered secrets of far-off lands.

As the loom sang its melodic tune, tiny feathers seemed to flutter in the air, as if the birds themselves had flown from the storybooks to grace this fabric. With each yardage, a captivating narrative unfolded, a tale of dreams woven into the very threads. It became the favored fabric of the kingdom’s seamstresses, who spun it into garments and quilts that brought warmth and joy to all who beheld them. The Color Club Birdies Peach became an emblem of wonder, reminding all who embraced it that dreams were but a stitch away. And so, the fairy tale continued, stitched in every masterpiece created from this magical fabric.

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