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Item/ Color #: 53304-22

Part of the Color Club Collection by Heather Valentine for Windham Fabrics.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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In a land where the sea and sky intertwined, a wondrous fabric bloomed, known as Color Club Birdies Marine. Conjured by the artistic sorceress, Heather Valentine, from The Sewing Loft of Windham Fabrics, this textile held the allure of a fairytale come to life. Its bright green canvas was adorned with tossed birdies, their plumage a kaleidoscope of hues, mirroring the lush colors of the surrounding enchanted forest.

As the loom weaved its magical melody, the fabric seemed to sway like seaweed in the gentle waves, echoing the songs of the avian spirits that graced its surface. Within its threads resided the tales of bold seafaring adventures, where feathered creatures soared across emerald skies, beckoned by a world of endless possibilities.

Seamstresses and dreamers alike sought after this fabric, fashioning it into garments and quilts that exuded the very essence of nature’s harmony. The Color Club Birdies Marine became a beacon of hope, reminding all who beheld it that with each stitch, they could weave their own tale of magic and transformation. And so, the fairytale lived on, woven into every creation born from this bewitching fabric, an ode to the beauty of imagination and the infinite wonders that lie beyond the horizon.

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