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Item/ Color #: 53304-24

Part of the Color Club Collection by Heather Valentine for Windham Fabrics.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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In the heart of a mystical woodland, where sunbeams kissed the earth, there unfurled a fabric of pure enchantment, known as Color Club Birdies Cherry. Crafted by the visionary artist, Heather Valentine, from The Sewing Loft of Windham Fabrics, this wondrous textile weaved a tale of magic and wonder. Its cherry-red canvas danced with an array of tossed birdies, each one adorned with feathers of crimson and tales of soaring adventures.

As the loom hummed a harmonious melody, the 100% cotton fabric seemed to come alive, echoing the sweet chirping of its avian muses. Within its vibrant threads lay the essence of a timeless fable, where dreams took flight and imagination knew no bounds. Seamstresses from realms near and far coveted this fabric, weaving it into garments that radiated with a fiery passion and quilts that wrapped souls in a warm embrace.

The Color Club Birdies Cherry became a symbol of hope, inspiring all to believe in the extraordinary. And so, the fairytale continued, stitched into every masterpiece crafted from this magical fabric, a reminder that within every stitch, dreams could be brought to life.

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