Clueless Spotted Blush Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: 52833-14 Blush
From the Clueless Collection by Angela Pingel for Windham Fabrics
100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide
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In a realm where dreams and whimsy intertwine, there exists a fabric born of pure enchantment—the Clueless Spotted Blush Fabric Yardage, a mesmerizing creation by the visionary Angela Pingel, crafted within the magical ateliers of Windham Fabric.

Like a page plucked from a fairy-tale storybook, this ethereal 100% cotton fabric weaves a tapestry of enchantment. Delicate blush hues cascade like petals from a celestial bloom, dancing upon a field of mesmerizing spots. Each spot, a tiny portal to an enchanted world, holds secrets untold and wonders yet discovered.

Gossamer threads of silver and gold meander through the fabric, shimmering like starlight captured in a dewdrop. With each gentle touch, the fabric reveals its whispering softness, as if it holds the very essence of fairy wings.

Within this fabric, an invitation is extended—to step into a realm of endless possibilities and magical moments. Let its embrace transport you to a world where imagination reigns, and where dreams are spun into tangible, awe-inspiring realities.

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