Bright Stars Floral Red Fabric Yardage

$9.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: C13102-RED

Part of the Bright Stars Collection designed by Teresa Kogut for Riley Blake

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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In the enchanted world of fabrics, the Bright Stars Floral Red Fabric Yardage, a creation by the virtuoso Teresa Kogut for Riley Blake, unfolds like a spellbinding fairy tale. This Americana folk art masterpiece transports you to a realm where every thread is spun from the dreams of garden fairies and the twinkle of distant stars.

Upon a rich and vibrant red canvas, like the petals of a mystical rose, delicate flowers and stars dance in harmony. Each bloom is a doorway to an enchanted garden where whimsical creatures roam, and the night sky overhead is a canvas for tales told by celestial storytellers. Running your fingers across this fabric feels like tracing the lines of a forgotten spell, where each floral motif and starburst holds the power to unlock a magical adventure.

With every yard of this enchanting fabric, you embark on a journey where gardens bloom with secrets, stars whisper their ancient wisdom, and imagination knows no bounds. It’s a textile of pure enchantment, inviting you to weave your own fairy tale, where the world is as wondrous as your dreams.

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