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Botanica Feature Black on White Fabric Yardage

$12.49 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 13682-14

Part of the Botanica Collection by Amanda Murphy for Benartex.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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Embark on a journey through the artist’s dreams with Botanica Feature Black on White Fabric Yardage, a masterpiece crafted by the imaginative Amanda Murphy for Benartex. Like a wistful melody of nature’s symphony, this fabric transports you to a whimsical garden where flowers bloom with a touch of enchantment. Delicate black lines intertwine to create a dance of flora and fauna, invoking an open-air sensation that whispers of freedom and serenity. Against a pristine white canvas, the design breathes life with a sense of airy elegance, as if capturing a fleeting moment of nature’s grace. Let your creativity take flight as you sew stories into this fabric, where imagination blossoms with each stitch, and the beauty of the garden finds its place within your artistic tapestry.

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