Botanica Basketweave White Fabric Yardage

$12.49 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 13687-09

Part of the Botanica Collection by Amanda Murphy for Benartex.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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Dive into a world of playful wonder with Botanica Basketweave White Fabric Yardage, a creation by the visionary Amanda Murphy for Benartex. As if woven by mischievous fairies, this fabric transports you to an enchanting realm where imagination knows no bounds. A mesmerizing checkerboard dance unfolds, where delicate grey lines interlace like threads of curiosity, forming a captivating tapestry of endless possibilities. Amidst this intricate weave, tiny black dots emerge like hidden treasures, inviting you to uncover their secrets. Against a pure white backdrop, the design pops with an air of innocence and whimsy, as if telling a story of hidden paths and delightful discoveries. Let this fabric be the canvas for your own magical creations, where every stitch becomes a thread in the tapestry of your imagination.

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