Basically Black and White Leaves Fabric Yardage

$10.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 10219-11

Part of the Basically Black and White Collection by Patrick Lose for Northcott

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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Basically Black and White Leaves White Fabric Yardage is an enchanting tapestry of Basically Black and White Leaves White Fabric Yardage by Patrick Lose for Northcott, where a whimsical fairy-tale unfolds against the deep, velvety night. In this monochromatic masterpiece, delicate leaves, rendered in white on black, weave a story of enchantment. Like ghostly imprints of nature’s elegance, each leaf is a brushstroke of whimsy, creating an otherworldly dance across the fabric canvas. The contrast between light and shadow forms a lyrical narrative, reminiscent of a moonlit stroll through a mystical forest. Patrick Lose’s artistry transforms fabric into a magical portal, inviting you to wander through this woodland dreamscape where every stitch whispers tales of nature’s allure. Embrace the elegance of this design, where simplicity meets fantasy, and each leaf tells a story of timeless charm.

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