Baby in Bloom Pink Fluttering Fawn Flannel Fabric Yardage

$9.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 21676-PNK

Part of the Baby in Bloom Collection designed by Jo Taylor for 3 Wishes.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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In a realm where dreams and reality coalesce, the Baby in Bloom Pink Fluttering Fawn Flannel Fabric Yardage emerges as a wondrous creation by the visionary Jo Taylor for 3 Wishes. A soft pink tapestry unfurls like the blush of dawn, a canvas of tender hopes and whispered wishes. Upon this enchanting backdrop, delicate butterflies take flight, their wings a symphony of colors that mirror the hues of a rainbow’s sigh. Each delicate creature dances in graceful harmony, tracing ephemeral paths through the rosy air. Like stars in the daytime sky, white dots punctuate the fabric, adding a touch of magic to the scene. This flannel fabric becomes a haven where fawns and butterflies converse in a language only hearts can understand, where every stitch holds the essence of fairy-tale whispers. Wrap yourself in its embrace and let the world of wonder and imagination envelop you.

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