Warm and Cozy Snowy Forest Flannel Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: F24684-11

Part of the Warm and Cozy Collection for Northcott

100% cotton flannel, approximately 44″ wide

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In a fabric forest spun from dreams and whimsy, the “Warm and Cozy Snowy Forest Flannel Fabric Yardage” by Northcott awaits, a tale told in textile. Picture a serene woodland under a starlit winter sky, where reality and fantasy entwine.

Upon a tan linen-like canvas, a forest of enchantment emerges. Majestic trees, adorned in shades of red, black, and brown, reach for the heavens, each one a sentinel of the snowy season. Beneath their boughs, delicate snowflakes fall in a silent ballet, casting a spell of tranquility.

This flannel fabric is like a hug from a cozy cabin, wrapping you in the warmth of a winter’s night. As you run your hand across its surface, you can almost hear the whispers of woodland creatures and feel the enchantment of the snowy forest. Let your imagination roam free and create your very own fairy tale with “Warm and Cozy Snowy Forest Flannel Fabric Yardage.”

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100% Cotton Flannel

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