Beautiful Blue Batik Fat Quarter Bundle


Beautiful Blue Batik Fat Quarter Bundle is a Quilt Fairy curated bundle of 12 fabrics


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In a realm where the sky kisses the earth in hues of enchanting azure, there exists a treasure as rare as a hidden gem within a mystical forest. Behold the Beautiful Blue Batik Fat Quarter Bundle, a creation by the hands of the celestial weavers of Riley Blake.

Each fat quarter, a mere whisper of fabric, holds within it the essence of a thousand sapphire seas, shimmering under the gentle caress of moonlight. The azure tones dance and swirl, as if painted by the strokes of a celestial brush, creating a tapestry of dreams and wonders.

Imagine, if you will, wandering through a fairy-tale land where the very air is imbued with magic. With each touch of the bundle, one can feel the soft embrace of tranquility, as if being cradled by the whispers of ancient tales spun by the stars themselves.

These fabrics, like fragments of the sky woven into tangible form, are not merely pieces of cloth but gateways to realms of imagination and creativity. They beckon you to embark on a journey of whimsy and wonder, where anything is possible and dreams take flight on wings of indigo.

So, let the Beautiful Blue Batik Fat Quarter Bundle be your enchanted compass, guiding you through realms both real and imagined, where every stitch is a step closer to the heart of magic itself.

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