Pixel Tangerine Dream Fabric Yardage

$12.49 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: RS104627/Tangerine Dream

From the Pixel Collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Moda

100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide

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Enter the enchanting realm of Tangerine Dream Fabric Yardage, a whimsical masterpiece crafted by the visionary artist Rashida Coleman-Hale in collaboration with the renowned Moda. This 100% cotton fabric is a gateway to a fairy tale world, where wonder and imagination intertwine in a symphony of vibrant hues. Like rays of golden sunlight filtering through a magical forest, its threads shimmer with ethereal beauty. Tangerine tones dance upon the fabric’s surface, casting a spell of joy and enchantment. Within its intricate patterns, pixies, and woodland creatures come alive, their playful antics unfolding amidst a whimsical landscape. With each touch, you can almost feel the soft embrace of fairy wings and hear the faint tinkling of magical bells. Let your creativity take flight as you embark on a journey of dreams and make-believe, where Tangerine Fabric Yardage weaves its spell, filling your world with the magic of a timeless fairy tale.

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