Pixel Lupine Fabric Yardage

$12.49 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: RS104633/Lupine

From the Pixel Collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Moda

100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide

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Embark on a whimsical journey into the enchanting world of Pixel Lupine Fabric Yardage, a mesmerizing creation spun by the fairy-tale weaver Rashida Coleman-Hale, in collaboration with the renowned Moda. This 100% cotton fabric is a portal to a realm where magic blooms amidst a tapestry of vibrant colors. Delicate as the wings of a butterfly, its threads radiate with a dreamlike aura. Shades of lupine dance upon the fabric’s surface, evoking the essence of wildflower meadows kissed by moonlight. Within its intricate pattern, pixelated fairies and woodland creatures frolic, their laughter echoing through hidden glens and mossy groves. With a gentle touch, you can almost feel the warmth of their tiny hands and hear the tinkling of their silver bells. Let your imagination take flight as you create with this fabric, where Pixel Lupine Fabric Yardage weaves its spell, enveloping you in a world of whimsy, wonder, and infinite possibilities.

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