60″ Minky Extra Wide Fabric Dreamtime Dots Multi Grey 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Item/ Color #: MK10387-92
Approximately 60″ x 108″

100% Microfleece

Dreamtime Minky Extra Wide 60″ Collection by Patrick Lose from Northcott Fabrics

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In the land of fabrics where dreams take form, emerges the 60″ Minky Extra Wide Fabric “Dreamtime Dots Multi Grey,” a masterpiece woven by the visionary Patrick Lose for Northcott Fabrics. Imagine a misty twilight sky, where a gentle light grey expanse serves as a canvas for a myriad of multicolored polka dots. Each dot, a starlight kiss, tells a tale of its own, like enchanted fireflies dancing in harmonious glee. This fabric, as soft as a whispered secret and as velvety as moonlight’s caress, beckons you to craft tapestries of wonder. With its width stretching as far as the horizon, it weaves seamless stories of comfort and joy, perfect for noble quilts and tender blankets that cradle dreams. Let this fabric be your guide to a realm where imagination knows no bounds, where every stitch is a chapter in a fairy tale of endless creativity.

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