60″ Minky Extra Wide Fabric Dreamtime Clouds Yellow 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Item/ Color #: MK10386-50
Approximately 60″ x 108″

100% Microfleece

Part of the Dreamtime Collection by Patrick Lose for Northcott Fabrics.

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In the enchanting tapestry of fabrics, the 60″ Minky Extra Wide Fabric “Dreamtime Clouds Yellow,” a creation by the visionary Patrick Lose for Northcott Fabrics, unfurls like a sunlit reverie. Picture a realm awash in hues of soft, golden radiance – a lighter yellow expanse that holds the secret of dreams. Upon this canvas, whimsical clouds of yellow dance with the grace of morning sunbeams, their forms woven with the magic of a fairy’s touch. A fabric so velvety, it’s as if a thousand dandelion wishes have come to life. This textile tale beckons to craft royal blankets and tender quilts, weaving golden dreams fit for nurseries and realms of warmth. With an embrace as wide as the sky, let this fabric stitch your fantasies into golden reality, where every thread spins a tale of comfort and enchantment.

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