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60″ Minky Extra Wide Fabric Dreamtime Clouds Aqua 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Item/ Color #: MK10386-60
Approximately 60″ x 108″

100% Microfleece

Dreamtime Minky Extra Wide 60″ Collection by Patrick Lose from Northcott Fabrics

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In the realm of fabrics, where dreams are spun into reality, behold the 60″ Minky Extra Wide Fabric “Dreamtime Clouds Aqua,” a creation of enchantment by the visionary Patrick Lose for Northcott Fabrics. Picture a tranquil sea of light aqua, its depths holding the mysteries of a forgotten oceanic kingdom. Across this ethereal canvas drift clouds of aqua, like the whispers of mermaids weaving tales in the sea breeze. The fabric, as tender as a seafoam kiss and as luxurious as ocean treasures, calls upon you to weave spells of comfort and delight. With its expansive width, it creates a seamless tapestry of imagination, perfect for crafting regal quilts and celestial blankets that cradle dreams. Let this fabric transport you to a watery world where every stitch murmurs of endless creativity and the magic of boundless horizons.

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