Ponderosa Horse Stable Cut and Sew Natural 36″ x 60″ Fabric Panel


Item/ Color #: 20868-11

From the Ponderosa Collection by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda

100% cotton

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In a land where dreams galloped across meadows and whispered secrets of ancient tales, there existed a fabric panel that held the essence of a magical horse stable. Known as Ponderosa Horse Stable Cut and Sew Natural, it was a creation spun by the mystical hands of Stacy Iest Hsu for the enchanting Moda.

This wondrous fabric panel unfolded a story of friendship and noble steeds. Within its bounds, a captivating horse stable emerged, waiting to be brought to life. Four magnificent horses adorned its corners, their forms imbued with grace and strength. Each horse, with its own vibrant colors and flowing mane, seemed to possess a spirit as wild as the wind.

As the fabric was cut and sewn, a portal opened into a realm where horses spoke with wisdom and guided young hearts on incredible adventures. The stitches whispered secrets of trust and loyalty, echoing through the fabric like a soft melody.

In this fairy tale-like world, the Ponderosa Horse Stable Cut and Sew Natural 100% cotton fabric panel became a tangible enchantment, beckoning both young and old to embark on a journey filled with equine wonder. It invited all to weave tales of courage and companionship, where dreams were born in the warmth of a horse’s gentle nuzzle and the rhythmic beat of hooves on hallowed ground.

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