Paul’s Pond Story Book 36″ x 44″ Panel


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Paul’s Pond 36″ x 44″ Panel
Part of the Paul’s Pond Collection designed by Susybee for Clothworks
100% cotton

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Enter a realm where fabrics turn into storybooks, and the tales they tell are woven with threads of magic. Behold the enchanting “Paul’s Pond Story Book” 36″ x 44″ Panel, a creation by the dream weaver Susybee, in collaboration with the skilled artisans of Clothworks. Within this fabric tapestry lies a journey into a land of twilight and whispers, where the frog pond becomes a haven for creatures of wonder. The panel unfurls as pages of a storybook, inviting little hearts to rest in the embrace of the evening, as stars sprinkle the sky like celestial fireflies. Frogs croon lullabies, while reeds and water lilies share secrets of the moon’s reflection. This fabric holds the essence of bedtime stories spun from moonbeams and dreams, an invitation to snuggle beneath its threads and drift into a realm where nature and imagination coalesce into an eternal, magical slumber.

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