Patriot Eagle with Flag 24″ x 43″ Fabric Panel


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Patriot Eagle Panel with Flag 24″ x 43″

Part of the Patriot Collection designed by Deborah Edwards and Melanie Samra for Northcott Fabrics

100% cotton

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The Patriot Eagle with Flag fabric panel is a stunning design created by Deborah Edwards and Melanie Samra for Northcott Fabrics. Measuring 24″ x 43″, this 100% cotton fabric panel features a majestic eagle as its focal point.

The eagle depicted on the panel is a symbol of strength, freedom, and patriotism. It is beautifully rendered with intricate details, capturing the essence of this magnificent bird. The wings of the eagle are uniquely crafted using the design of an American flag, giving the artwork a distinctive and patriotic touch.

In the background of the panel, there is a prominent depiction of the American flag. The flag, with its iconic stars and stripes, symbolizes the values of liberty, justice, and unity. It serves as a powerful backdrop for the eagle, emphasizing the connection between the majestic bird and the patriotic spirit of the United States.

The colors used in the fabric panel are vibrant and rich, adding depth and visual appeal to the design. The red, white, and blue palette is reminiscent of the American flag, further reinforcing the patriotic theme of the artwork.

The fabric panel is made of high-quality fabric, ensuring durability and versatility. It can be used in various sewing and crafting projects, such as quilting, home decor, or even as a focal point for a wall hanging. The size of the panel provides ample room for creativity, allowing you to showcase the stunning artwork in different ways. Overall, the Patriot Eagle with Flag fabric panel is a visually striking design that celebrates the spirit of patriotism and pays homage to the symbol of the American eagle. It is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of Americana and national pride to their sewing or crafting projects.

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