Glow-O-Saurus Multi 36″ x 44″ Fabric Panel


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Part of the Glow-O-Saurus Collection by Kanvas Studio for Benartex

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Embark on a whimsical journey to a prehistoric paradise with the Glow-O-Saurus Multi Fabric Panel from the enchanting Glow-O-Saurus Collection designed by Kanvas Studio for Benartex. This fabric panel is a gateway to a land where time stands still and imagination roams free. As you gaze upon it, a vibrant world unfolds before your eyes. Within the lush jungle, playful dinosaurs of red, green, orange, and blue hues come to life, their majestic presence swirling with joy and curiosity. They frolic amidst ancient trees, while a volcano erupts in the background, painting the sky with fiery splendor. The colors are so vivid, they seem to glow with a magical aura, captivating your senses. Let this fabric panel ignite your creativity, as you bring to life a whimsical tale of dinosaur adventures and the wonders of a bygone era. Whether you transform it into a quilt or a cherished piece of wall art, this 100% cotton fabric panel will transport you to a land where imagination reigns and dinosaurs roam with playful delight.

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