Cardinal Christmas 43″ x 34″ Fabric Panel


Cardinal Christmas 43″ x 34″ Fabric Panel
Part of the Cardinal Christmas Collection by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Fabrics

100% cotton.

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Step into a world where nature’s songbirds bring joyous tidings amidst the winter wonderland. Behold the enchanting Cardinal Christmas 43″ x 34″ Fabric Panel, a creation of the ingenious Deborah Edwards for Northcott Studios. Within its dimensions, a whimsical tapestry unfolds, capturing the essence of the festive season.

Picture vibrant cardinals, their crimson feathers dancing in harmony with the glistening snow. They perch upon branches adorned with splendid red and white poinsettias, their delicate petals reminiscent of fluffy clouds. The air is filled with the aromatic presence of pine cones, nestled among this picturesque scene.

As your eyes explore further, a red and black plaid, expertly arranged on the bias, embraces the inner borders, evoking a sense of cozy warmth and rustic charm. And beyond, a delightful parade of holly springs forth, encircling the panel with its vibrant green leaves and scarlet berries, a vivid testament to the season’s everlasting spirit.

With every stitch, this 100% cotton fabric panel beckons you into a whimsical realm, inviting you to create and embrace the magic of Cardinal Christmas.

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