Barbie™ Girl Barbie Dream House Pack And Play Felt Panel 36″ x 44″


Item/ Color #: FT12995-PANEL

From Riley Blake

36″ x 44″ felt panel, 100% cotton

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Behold the enchanting Barbie™ Girl Barbie Dream House Pack And Play Felt Panel, a magical tapestry of creativity designed for Riley Blake! Measuring a whimsical 36″ x 44″, this fairy-tale-inspired fabric transports young hearts into a world where dreams take center stage. Picture a kaleidoscope of pastel hues and intricate details, adorning this play panel with scenes straight from Barbie’s dreamy abode. Unfurling like a storybook, it transforms into a play bag, a secret haven to safeguard precious Barbie™ cut-outs and their glamorous wardrobes. Every stitch whispers tales of imagination and friendship, inviting children to step into a realm where fantasy meets reality, and Barbie’s Dream House becomes a playground of endless possibilities. Let the adventure unfold within the confines of this magical textile, where joy and wonder dance hand in hand.

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