Dot Grid Pink Fabric Yardage

$9.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 13350-21
From the Color Up Collection by Benartex
100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide
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Dot Grid Pink Fabric Yardage from the Color Up Collection by Benartex Studio transports you to a realm of whimsy and magic, where dreams are woven into reality. Like an ethereal mist, this fabric shimmers with a soft pink hue, casting a spell of enchantment upon all who behold it. Delicate dots, resembling stars sprinkled across the heavens, form a celestial grid that guides the hands of artisans on a creative voyage. With each touch, this 100% cotton 44″ wide fabric unveils a world of infinite possibilities, where imagination takes flight and inspiration knows no bounds. Its supple texture invites you to embrace the fantastical, as you weave threads of wonder and joy into your creations. Dot Grid Pink Fabric is a gateway to a realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, where the mundane transcends into the realm of magic, and where the every day becomes a tapestry of whimsical beauty.

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