Dandi Duo Little Bitties Cream Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: 48752-11

From the Dandi Duo Collection by Robin Pickens for Moda

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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Once upon a time, in a magical realm where dreams danced amidst the whispering breeze, there existed a fabric known as Dandi Duo Little Bitties Cream. Designed by the enchanting Robin Pickens for the renowned Moda, this fabric held an ethereal charm that stirred the hearts of all who beheld it.

Its creamy canvas served as a pristine backdrop, reminiscent of untouched meadows glistening under the tender sunlight. Sprouting from this luminescent fabric, delicate orange and yellow dandelions adorned themselves, their vibrant petals radiating warmth and joy. The air seemed to sing with the soft hum of their golden hearts.

Amidst these whimsical blooms, verdant leaves unfurled like emerald wings, lending a touch of nature’s grace to the tapestry. Each stitch of the 100% cotton fabric whispered tales of blooming flowers, serenading the imagination with promises of laughter and adventure.

In this fairy tale landscape, Dandi Duo Little Bitties Cream reigned as a tangible enchantment, a portal to a world where dreams became reality and the ordinary was transformed into extraordinary.

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