Chain Link Light Pink Fabric Yardage

$9.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 13351-01
From the Color Up Collection by Benartex
100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide
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Chain Link Light Pink Fabric Yardage from the Color Up Collection by Benartex Studio unveils a whimsical, magical world where imagination weaves its spell. Like dainty tendrils of enchantment, delicate chain links interlock and create a tapestry of ethereal beauty. This fabric, bathed in a gentle light pink hue, seems to hold the secrets of a hidden realm, where fairytales come alive and mystical creatures roam. With a touch as soft as a sigh, this 100% cotton 44″ wide fabric transports you to a place where dreams take flight, and where ordinary objects gain extraordinary powers. As you work with each yard, the chain links unlock a portal to your imagination, inspiring creations that ripple with whimsy and radiate with pure magic. Chain Link Light Pink Fabric is a conduit to a world where wonder and creativity intertwine, and where the fantastical becomes your reality.

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