Soirée Confetti 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

$21.99 Per Yard

Item/Color # 53525DW-2DES

By Windham Fabrics

108” Wide, 100% Cotton

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In the enchanted atelier of quilting dreams, Soirée Confetti 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric by Windham Fabrics casts a spell of whimsy beneath the starlit needles of creativity. On a serene grey backdrop, a jubilant confetti of vibrant dots dances in sizes as varied as the dreams that stitch themselves into quilting folklore. Each dot is a burst of enchantment, a kaleidoscopic promise woven into the fabric of imagination. The grey canvas, a magical tapestry, provides the perfect stage for the confetti celebration, where stitches become a whimsical waltz and every dot tells a tale of joyous revelry. This fabric invites quilters to partake in a soirée of creativity, where the quilted galaxy is adorned with dots that twinkle like the fairy lights of a fantastical celebration in the heart of the quilting enchantment.

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