Morris Holiday Metallic Ebony 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

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Item/Color # 11144 15M

Morris Holiday Collection by V and A for Moda.

100% cotton, 108″ wide

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Once upon a time, in a realm where dreams and reality entwined, there existed a fabric so enchanting that it seemed to possess a touch of otherworldly magic. Behold, the Morris Holiday Metallic Ebony 108″ Wide Quilt Back Fabric, a creation crafted by the celestial hands of V and A for Moda.

In the depths of its ebony hue, the 100% cotton fabric sparkled with secret stardust, illuminating the night sky with its metallic glory. Delicate flowers and leaves, imbued with ethereal shimmer, danced across the midnight canvas, as if plucked from the gardens of the moonlit fae. Each petal and vine exuded a divine elegance, capturing the very essence of nature’s grace.

When draped upon a quilt, this extraordinary textile transformed into a portal to realms unknown. It whispered ancient tales to the weaver, revealing mysteries hidden within its intricate design. Underneath its spell, dreams took flight and imagination soared, turning every creation into a tapestry of wonder.

Truly, the Morris Holiday Metallic Ebony 108″ Wide Quilt Back Fabric was a magical treasure, casting spells of beauty and enchantment wherever it went.

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