Golden Lily Autumn 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

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Color/ Item #: QBWM007.AUTUMN

Golden Lily Collection designed by The Original Morris and Co. for FreeSpirit

108″ wide 100% cotton

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In the enchanted realm of textile dreams, a masterpiece unfurls upon the loom of creativity. Golden Lily Autumn, a bewitching tapestry designed by The Original Morris & Co. for Free Spirit, exudes an ethereal allure that transports one to a fairy tale world. Across its expansive canvas, delicate tendrils of flora come alive, dancing in harmony with nature’s symphony. Intricate vines, adorned with resplendent flowers, weave a spellbinding tale of autumnal enchantment.

The color palette, carefully chosen by a sorcerer’s touch, casts its spell upon the beholder. Verdant greens embody the vitality of life, while earthy browns and rustic hues pay homage to the changing seasons. Against a cream backdrop, this opulent panorama flourishes, as if an artist’s brush had imbued it with the very essence of whimsy.

In this wondrous textile opus, Golden Lily Autumn 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric captures the essence of a mythical garden, inviting all who behold it to step into a realm where imagination blossoms and dreams take flight.

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