Decostitch Peony 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

$20.99 Per Yard

Part of the Decostitch Collection for Art Gallery Fabrics
Measures 108″ x 108″

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Decostitch Peony 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics is like a blooming garden of magic and wonder, where every stitch is a petal of a whimsical peony. The fabric is awash with the soft and playful colors of spring, and its intricate patterns are like the trails left behind by mischievous fairies as they dance in the meadow. The texture is as soft as a feather and as delicate as a butterfly’s wings, inviting you to wrap yourself in a cocoon of enchantment. The 100@ cotton fabric is wide enough to encompass any quilt, making it a perfect canvas for your creative imagination to take flight. Decostitch Peony is the perfect fabric to tell a tale of wonder and delight, as if every stitch is a brushstroke of a magical painting. It is a fabric of endless possibilities, waiting for you to create your own fairy tale.

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