Brocade Peony Natural 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

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Item/ Color #: QBPJ004-NATURAL
Brocade Peony Natural is part of the Kaffe Fassett Collective

100% cotton sateen fabric, 108″ wide

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Once upon a time, in a land where dreams took shape, there bloomed a fabric of pure enchantment known as Brocade Peony Natural by Kaffe Fassett. With a width of 108″, this fabric unfurls like a magical tapestry, inviting you into a world where whimsy reigns and imagination knows no bounds.

In hues of red, fuschia, and natural, delicate peonies dance across the fabric as if animated by mischievous fairies. Each petal, intricately woven with threads of stardust, exudes a soft radiance that bewitches all who gaze upon it. As sunlight kisses the fabric, it shimmers with a subtle glow, like a spell cast by woodland sprites.

Running your fingers along the 100% cotton sateen quilt backing fabric, you can almost hear the whispers of forest creatures and the flutter of tiny wings. It holds the promise of fantastical tales woven within its fibers, waiting to be brought to life by your creative touch.

Embrace the magic of Brocade Peony Natural and let it be the canvas for your fairy-tale masterpiece. With every stitch, you embark on a journey into a realm where imagination soars, where dreams find their voice, and where the impossible becomes reality.

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