Bliss Ombre Heather 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric

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Item/ Color #: B25226-84
Bliss Ombre Heather by Northcott
100% cotton fabric yardage, 108″ wide

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In a realm cloaked in the mystery of twilight, there existed a 100% cotton fabric that held the secrets of the night sky and the whispers of the moonlit forest. It was none other than Bliss Ombre Heather, a spellbinding quilt backing fabric that wove dreams into reality.

This extraordinary textile, stretching a majestic 108 inches wide, resembled a vast expanse of midnight horizons. From the deepest navy blue, as velvety as the star-studded heavens, to the richest shades of purple, like the petals of enchanted blooms, the ombre print danced with an ethereal grace.

With every touch, Bliss Ombre Heather radiated a celestial energy, as if imbued with the magic of shooting stars and moonlit glimmers. It longed to be transformed into enchanted quilts, where slumbering dreams would find solace and stories would be whispered among its celestial threads.

So, dear dreamer, embrace the enchantment that awaits within Bliss Ombre Heather, and let your imagination soar amidst the realms of the night, where wonder and dreams converge in a symphony of velvety hues.

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