Moonscape Apricot 108″ Wide 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Item/Color #: XST-D1150APRICOT
Moonscape Collection for Dear Stella

100% cotton, 108″ wide

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If you’re not sure how much fabric you need for your quilt backing, this 3 yard quilt back pack is the perfect option! This fabric will measure 108″ x 108″ and is the perfect size backing fabric for most quilts. Or click here to order Moonscape Apricot 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric by the Yard.
Moonscape Apricot 108″ 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack

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In the realm of twilight wonders, where the moon’s embrace weaves tales of enchantment, the Dear Stella Collection conjures Moonscape Dusk, a mesmerizing 108-inch quilt backing fabric. A tapestry of whispers, it unfurls like a misty evening sky awash in ethereal hues. Delicate light grey, a canvas of cosmic serenity, cradles a celestial dance of ivory dots – each one a luminescent echo of stars that fell from the heavens. These irregular beacons of radiance twinkle like secrets whispered to the night, a constellation of hopes and dreams. As you run your fingers across this fabric, you’ll feel the soft caress of moonbeams and the embrace of stardust, like a reverie spun from the heart of dusk itself. Let your quilts become woven spells, where the mystique of twilight and the allure of the cosmos intertwine in a tale of pure enchantment.

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