Laser Kitty Litter Black 108″ Wide 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Item/Color #: XST-DPJ3000LASER

Kitty Litter designed by the Pammie Jane Collection for Dear Stella

100% cotton, 108″ wide

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If you’re not sure how much fabric you need for your quilt backing, this 3 yard quilt back pack is the perfect option! This fabric will measure 108″ x 108″ and is the perfect size backing fabric for most quilts. Or click here to order Laser Kitty Litter Black 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric by the Yard.
Laser Kitty Litter Black 108″ 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack

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In the heart of an enchanted night, where shadows and dreams intertwine, a fabric masterpiece emerges from the realm of Pammie Jean and the Dear Stella Collection. Behold the Laser Kitty Litter Black quilt backing fabric, a sprawling 108 inches wide, a cosmic canvas of obsidian allure. Upon this velvety darkness, a celestial menagerie takes shape – petite cat heads in shades of orange, pink, blue, and green, alight with an otherworldly glow. Like constellations of old, stars shimmer in a celestial waltz, casting their silver radiance upon the inky expanse. Ditsy prints dance in whispered echoes, evoking ancient tales of moonlit mysteries. This fabric beckons, an enchanted portal to a world where feline mystique and cosmic wonder meld, where quilts become woven stories of midnight magic and stellar enchantment.

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