Decostitch Midnight 108″ Wide 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Part of the Decostitch Collection for Art Gallery Fabrics
Measures 108″ x 108″

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If you’re not sure how much fabric you need for your quilt backing, this 3 yard quilt back pack is the perfect option! This fabric will measure 108″ x 108″ and is the perfect size backing fabric for most quilts.

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Decostitch Midnight 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics is a mesmerizing tapestry of midnight dreams and ethereal magic woven into a single bolt of fabric. As the fabric unfurls, you are transported to a starry night sky, where constellations dance and shimmer against a backdrop of deep blue. The intricate, swirling patterns of Decostitch add a touch of otherworldly beauty to any quilt, evoking the mystical power of the cosmos. The lush, silky texture of the 100% cotton fabric invites you to run your fingers over it, and its generous width ensures that your quilts will be wrapped in a cocoon of celestial enchantment. Every inch of Decostitch Midnight is imbued with the magic of a dream, waiting to be woven into your next masterpiece.

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