Collect Etchings Grey 108″ 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack


Collect Etchings Grey 108″ 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack
Collect Etchings Collection designed by Howard Marcus for Moda

100% cotton, 108″ wide

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If you’re not sure how much fabric you need for your quilt backing, this 3 yard quilt back pack is the perfect option! This fabric will measure 108″ x 108″ and is the perfect size backing fabric for most quilts. Or click here to order Collect Etchings Grey 108″ Wide Quilt Backing Fabric by the Yard.
Collect Etchings Grey 108″ 3 Yard Quilt Fabric Back Pack

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In the mystical realm of textiles, a fabric known as “Collect Etchings Grey” was brought to life by the collaborative artistry of Howard Marcus Dunn and the three enchanting Sisters of Moda. This fabric wove a tale of floral intrigue and ethereal beauty.

In the moonlit glade of its wide expanse, a delicate symphony of petals unfolded. Imagine a garden concealed in shadows, where blooming wonders thrived. Against a backdrop of lighter grey, dark charcoal blooms emerged, their elegant forms capturing the essence of enigmatic allure. Each floral silhouette seemed to hold secrets of the night, whispers of mystery and grace.

As the silver moonbeams caressed the 100% cotton fabric, the enchanting motifs stirred to life, their essence radiating with an otherworldly charm. The quilt backing embraced the dreams of makers, inviting them to stitch their fantasies and aspirations into its embrace. With its comforting touch, it ensured that every creation woven upon its surface became a tale spun from moonlit dreams and fairy whispers, destined to bewitch all who beheld its spellbinding beauty.

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