Love Lines Ruler Set


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A sweet deal, the Love Lines 1, 2 and 3 make perfect contemporary heart frames and gentle reflecting curve lines for all kinds of creativity.

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When combined, the Love Lines rulers create three beautifully nested hearts with a contemporary flair. Each asymmetrical frame swells to create a charming heart, but more importantly, gently masks any inconsistency in quilting. Because they are deliberately asymmetrical, any small variations in quilting will go unnoticed, unlike a true nested echo shape, where our brains pick up on the slightest change in line thickness. By using a contemporary paisley shape with a reflecting line, sewn hearts will have a sharp tip, unlike other solid heart rulers. And, the teardrop shape is multifunctional, unlike negative space heart rulers, which only have one trick.

The quilted hearts have a playful flare, reminiscent of the paper valentines we love to cut out. The sewn hearts are 7 1/4″ high x 8″ wide, 5 1/4″ high x 6 1/2″ wide, and 4 1/4″ high x 5″ wide.

You aren’t limited to hearts though! All the sides are beautiful flowing curves, ideal for all kinds of ruler work. The ruler has a registration line at the apex of the teardrop curve to assist with accurate blockwork reflections of either the double S side or the gentle arc. Inscribed lines mark the center horizontal alignment and vertical reflection line of the sewn heart shape, with a pinhole for pinpoint accuracy. An adorable heart shape hang hole is the sprinkles on this sweet ruler!

Made of Bethanne’s signature 1/4″ compressed light emitting acrylic in a soft aquamarine color, the inscribed lines are vivid on any color fabric. Suitable for all longarm ruler work quilting and domestic machine ruler quilting with high shank – high wall ruler feet.

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