Lily Lines 3 and Long Lily Lines Ruler Set



This pair of rulers feature double “S” curves with curved heads, precision alignment lines, pinhole centering lines, and laser-etched echo lines for perfect direct quilting of curving frames, feather spines, and radiating block designs. Quilt perfectly with just a few alignment marks, or pre-draw your quilted line with a drawing wheel to mimic the exact finished sewing line. Transparent pale green 1/4″ cast acrylic with glowing edges for excellent visibility on all fabric colors. The set includes Lily Lines 3 (10.5 x 5′) and Long Lily Lines (13.75 x 6.5″)

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Long Lily Lines features two extra large graceful “double S” French curves, fine measurement gradations along all edges, a laser etched 1/4″ echo line, and pinhole alignment at the center of each circular head. You are limited only by your imagination in creating beautiful curving frames, radiating curving foundation quilting, or perfect ruled spines, with precision curls for feathers. Made of 1/4″ thick, compressed light emitting acrylic in a translucent pale, pale green that reads as clear from above, but glows a beautiful aquamarine from the edges if viewed at an angle.

The ruler measures 6 1/4 x 13 3/4″. Each puff head is a different radius for different sized blocks, stitching out at 2 1/2 and 2 3/4”. When quilted as a “C” curve in borders, one of these makes excellent thinner border feather spine, with long graceful swoops between curls. The largest edge, has a very deep curve, making an excellent crossover line, for design opportunity.

Do these rulers work with domestic machines? You betcha!! We have many very happy customers who say they are wonderful tools. If you are comfortable doing ruler work on a sit-down machine…then any of Bethanne Nemesh’s rulers will be just a-ok!

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