Kimberbell Embroidery Stabilizer Wash-Away Precuts


Use Wash-Away when there is a need for stabilizer to be completely removed, such as with freestanding lace and cutwork. Precuts are super handy for 5×7 hoops! Choose Wash-Away Sticky-Back for hard-to-hoop items and low stitch count designs. Kimberbell Wash-Away stabilizers are ideal for sheer fabrics and dissolve quickly in cool water.

Each package contains 40 10″ x 12″ sheets

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Kimberbell Embroidery Stabilizer Wash-Away is a thin, fibrous, pliable material that easily dissolves in water for projects where you don’t want any stabilizer to remain. Use Wash-Away on delicate or sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza. If you’re wondering if unlabelled stabilizer is Wash-Away, add a little water to the corner and if it becomes sticky, it’s Wash-Away! Wash-Away is particularly helpful in intricate little spots where it would be difficult to pick out Tear-Away.

Ideal for cutwork, freestanding lace, baskets, reverse applique, and more, Kimberbell Wash-Away adds stability during embroidery but is completely rinsed away afterwards. Choose Wash-Away Sticky-Back, with its adhesive coating, for floating hard-to-hoop items.

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