Home Sweet Holidays White 24″ x 44″ Fabric Panel


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Home Sweet Holidays White 24″ x 44″ Fabric Panel

From the Home Sweet Holidays Collection by Deb Strain for Moda

100% cotton.

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In a whimsical corner of the enchanted forest, where winter’s touch brought forth a tapestry of wonder, a fabric panel emerged as a portal to the realm of holiday magic. Behold, the Home Sweet Holidays White Fabric Panel, a creation envisioned by the enchanting mind of Deb Strain for Moda.

Upon a canvas that resembled the floor of an ancient woodland cottage, a dreamlike scene unfurled. Poinsettias bloomed in a symphony of crimson and black checks, their petals shimmering with hidden enchantments. A red truck, a symbol of timeless journeys, stood proudly amidst the floral splendor, its presence a promise of cherished memories.

As delicate snowflakes danced from above, the 100% cotton fabric panel whispered tales of cozy hearths and twinkling lights, where laughter and warmth filled the air. The wood flooring, like a secret pathway, led to realms where dreams became reality and hearts found solace in the embrace of loved ones.

Embracing the Home Sweet Holidays White Fabric Panel, creativity bloomed like the first snowflake of winter. It became a doorway to a world where wishes took flight, where imaginations painted landscapes of joy, and where the spirit of the season resided.

Within its design, the fabric held the essence of a fairy tale, inviting all who beheld it to step into a realm where holiday wonders came to life. With each stitch, memories were woven, like threads connecting the past and present, reminding hearts of the magic that dwells within the home sweet holidays.

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