Winter Wonderland Snow Sparkle Pink Fabric Yardage

$10.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 227197

Part of the Winter Wonderland Collection by Helen Bowler for Cloud 9

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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In the heart of the Winter Wonderland, an enchanting tale unfolds through the Winter Wonderland Snow Sparkle Pink Fabric Yardage, a creation woven by the gifted hands of Helen Bowler for Cloud 9. Against a canvas of vibrant pink, intricate white snowflakes cascade like ethereal lace, each a unique testament to the artistry of winter’s touch. Between these delicate snowflakes, strings of dark pink beads glisten like the tears of ancient fairies, their iridescent glow capturing the very essence of a frost-kissed twilight. As if guided by unseen hands, these beads twinkle like stars on a crisp winter’s night, bringing a dance of light to the fabric that ignites the imagination. With every caress, you can almost feel the hushed secrets of the woods and the laughter of snow sprites, beckoning you to craft creations that mirror the enchantment of a realm where dreams glisten like the purest snow and magic reigns supreme.

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