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With more than 300 colors of Glide thread, choosing just one color can feel intimidating! Build your thread stash with Quilted Joy’s exclusive Glide Thread Color Block Bundle – Purple. This collection of Glide thread includes 6 cones, in your choice of size, in light to dark shades of purple. Whether you’re quilting a floral quilt or machine embroidering a bench pillow, one of these purple Glide threads will be perfect for your project! This collection comes with the following colors of purple Glide thread:

  • Violet
  • Tabriz Orchid
  • Paisley
  • Damson
  • Lilac
  • Concord

New to Glide thread? You’ll also love a Glide Thread Color Card! This heavy cardstock card comes with samples of all 300+ colors of Glide thread, so you can find the perfect thread color even when you’re shopping online.

Glide Thread is a 40wt polyester thread from Fil-Tec. The thread is made with Advanced Trilobal Technology that allows it to maintain consistent tension throughout each and every spool. The results are high quality, consistent stitch formation, fewer thread breaks, and fewer machine stops. The thread runs virtually lint-free and has a wonderful eye catching sheen.

Use it for machine quilting or machine embroidery. It will work equally well doing either or both.

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