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Spot On dot lens set

Add Magnification where you need it on your rulers
Spot On Dot Magnifying Lens Set

Spot On Dot Magnifying Lens Set

Item # TGQ030

Create quilts that lay flat, points that line up, and pieces that fit just right! The Spot On Dot Magnifying Lens Set will help you see where it counts!  Each set comes with two Magnifying lenses, the large measuring 2″ in diameter, and the small measuring 1″ in diameter. Both have 3x magnification in the center.

Muted Colors that work

These colors speak softly
Glide Thread Muted Colors Bundle

Glide Thread Muted Colors Bundle

Glide Muted Colors thread pack includes 1 cone of each in the following soft shades:

    Light Tan, Mauve, Thyme, Dijon, Light Olive, Celery

    Glide is 100% Polyester 40wt thread.  Each pack is Available in 5000m and 1000m Cones



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