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Harry Potter Baby Quilt, quilted by Quilted Joy

Harry Potter Quilt by Terry

Expecto Patronum! Someone is expecto…ing a baby! We all have that one story, that one book or movie that sums up our childhood. And it can be

Ali's Split Easy Quilt, longarm quilting by Quilted Joy

Split Easy Patch Quilt by Ali

I love Ali’s black and white split easy patch quilt. She dropped off this quilt at the shop for us to longarm quilt it and the

Melanie's Butterfly quilt, with longarm quilting by Quilted Joy

Melanie’s Butterfly Quilt

Art and craft hobbies are something we do because we enjoy them. Which means that we tend to create things right up until we can’t anymore. What

Tabatha's Modern Christmas Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

Tabatha’s Modern Christmas Quilt

I love the quilts that look complicated and difficult. They make me feel good about my piecing skills. What’s even better is when they aren’t difficult

Kathleen's Bargello quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

Bargello Quilt by Kathleen

Have you ever wondered where some designs come from and how they were named? I do sometimes. It helps me remember the name if nothing

Bobby's Patriotic Sampler Quilt, longarm quilting by Angela Huffman

Bobby’s Patriotic Sampler Quilt

Women, and some men, have been making patriotic quilts since the United States began. When we make a quilt with red, white, blue, stars, stripes,

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