Intelliquilter Beginning Custom Class
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This 3 hour class builds on the Baby Steps class and covers Beginning Custom Quilting. Learn how to drop motifs into blocks, create borders in a number of ways, connect the top/bottom of a border with the sides, cut motifs out of designs to use in new ways, create your own designs using Fan Pattern, Stitch in the Ditch, Path Pattern and lots of helpful tips along the way. The class is broken into 10 minute chunks so you can easily watch each lesson and pause/rewind so you can follow right along with your IQ tablet. Plus, with your purchase you will get 7 digital patterns included that are used in the video lessons! That is a $40 value just in patterns!

Your access to the course never expires. Watch the lessons as many times as you like on whatever device you like.

If you’d like to watch a sample lesson from the Mastery Class Series, please take a look at Lesson 1 below from the Intelliquilter Mastery Class 1: Baby Steps.