Quilting with Rulers Around Applique

It’s the Year of the Ruler in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse and for this program Angela Huffman wanted to look at how we can use rulers to quilt around applique. There are a huge variety of applique styles and techniques. And how you choose to quilt applique can depend on size, style, and your own preferences.

Regardless of how you choose to quilt your applique, a good quilting ruler can make outlining much easier! During this QJ Clubhouse meeting, Angela shows how she uses the Love Lines 1 and the Lotus Lines rulers (both by Bethanne Nemesh of White Arbor Quilting) to assist her in outlining applique and motifs in her quilt.

Wanting to practice quilting with rulers around applique? Angela loves using fabric panels like the Effie’s Woods Panel she used in the meeting to practice all kinds of hand guided quilting! These panels provide the opportunity to play and practice without the stress of quilting a quilt you’ve spent hours and hours making.

And stick around for our Looky Loo tour with Tina Mauterstock. She’s created a joyful quilting space for herself in a spare bedroom that’s perfect for her. And of course, you won’t want to miss the How Would You Quilt It? portion where Angela shares her design process for quilting a colorful quilt shared in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse Facebook group.

Meeting Highlights:
  • 1:30 – Welcome & QJ News
  • 5:21 – How to Quilt with Rulers Around Applique
  • 41:10 Looky Loo Studio Tour with Tina Mauterstock
  • 53:06 – Preview the Exquisite Blossom Panel Quilt Kit and the Beautiful Day Quilt Kit
  • 56:41 – How Would You Quilt It?
  • 1:04:20 – Wrap Up & Join us Next Time!

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Angela Huffman Best Machine Quilting Award
Angela Huffman, Co-Host of the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting national PBS show.
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