How to Quilt Swags with Rulers

How do you like to fill your larger borders? Those big sections can be super intimidating with all that empty space to fill! Larger borders are the perfect place to play with swag designs. These large curved designs easily fill big open spaces, leave room for a variety of filler designs, and even turn the corner! Join Angela Huffman for this Quilted Joy Clubhouse meeting where she’ll show you how to quilt swags with rulers in your borders. To quilt her swags, Angela used the ProLine 1 and the ProCircle 8 rulers, but you could also use a specialty swag ruler or even oval templates.

Be sure to stick around through the rest of the meeting too! Angela takes a peek into the longarm and sewing studio of Emilie of Golden Ratio Quilting. Preview a couple of new quilting books that just arrived in the Quilted Joy shop. Watch Angela design a quilting plan for Missy’s Abacus quilt. And finally, enjoy some quilt drooling over the gorgeous quilts shared in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse on Facebook.

Meeting Highlights:
  • 0:00 – Welcome & QJ News
  • 5:17 – How to Quilt Swags with Rulers
  • 15:39 Looky Loo Studio Tour with Emilie Theriot of Golden Ratio Quilting
  • 27:05 – New Quilting Books – Pillow Talk and Quilts to Make in a Weekend
  • 29:36 – How Would You Quilt It? Missy’s Abacus Quilt
  • 42:35 – Show & Tell and Wrap Up

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Angela Huffman Best Machine Quilting Award
Angela Huffman, Co-Host of the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting national PBS show.
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