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I’m Angela- Co-host of the Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting PBS show. APQS Long arm Dealer and Educator. Triplet Momma. Designer. Thread Bimbo.

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Back to School for the Kidlets

My kiddos went back to school yesterday to start their Junior year of high school. I can’t believe they’re already Juniors, can that really be

Playing with Fire quilt hanging in the Quilted Joy Showroom

Every Quilt Has a Story

When people visit the showroom for the first time, a few things always catch their eye.  First is all those amazing APQS machines just begging

Captains and New Longarmers

Things have been very busy, but we are all celebrating the end of the school year. My triplets are THRILLED and have big plans for

Owls and UFOs Are Invading

School is out and my kidlets are finding ways to fill their days. Specifically, GooseyGirl has started making machine embroidery owls, started making a tote

My Kidlets Are Now Freshmen!

This morning my kidlets “graduated” from 8th grade and are now Freshmen! I’m so proud of them. All three got straight A’s, Presidential Academic Awards

BirdMan’s Ky State Fair Ribbons

You’ve seen the ribbon haul from RocketMan and GooseyGirl… now for BirdMan’s ribbons!  He won third place for his Rainbow Escape quilt which he quilted

BirdMan Has Been Published!

I’m so excited! As I was crusing through Facebook this morning I saw that someone had posted a photo on Claudia Pfeil’s wall. BTW- if

GooseyGirl Got Pierced!

I promised my little GooseyGirl that when she was a teenager she could get her ears pierced. Well, she turned 13 in April so…..

Circus With The Kidlets

Recently we went to the circus and we typically go every year. I just love it! When the kidlets were small it seemed like every

BirdMan’s Heart

A few weeks ago our family parrot, Apollo, passed away. He was a Green Cheeked Conure with personality to spare. His chosen human was BirdMan

Big Changes

I’ve been very, very busy. I’ve completely redesigned my site from the ground up, changed host providers, merged my blog site and my main domain

Halloween In Review

  This year we went up to a farm in Indiana to pick our own pumpkins. The field was HUGE! RocketMan decided you get more

We’re a foster family!

It’s official! We are now a foster family for the Shamrock Foundation. Shamrock is a no kill shelter in Louisville and for three years we

Adventures in Dollywood

All those weeks I didn’t post over the summer were full of plenty of adventures. One of them was our trip to Dollywood. I had